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 Ephesians 6:10-20
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Thanking our MAGNIFICENT GOD, THE SUN of RIGHTEOUSNESS for your faithfulness and all your intercessory prayers, supplications and your great travailing hearts of righteousness that have availed so much throughout the years! Prayer invades the impossible! Prayer is more powerful than an atomic bomb! Not so much the threshing sledge of our horns of iron against the demons of darkness, but in revealing JESUS CHRIST, THE LORD of THE HARVEST!
Praying GOD’S WORD, we tap into the brilliance of GOD and establish HIS Kingdom, HIS Walls and HIS Oracles on earth, as it is in Heaven. GOD has set the stage for us to be more than conquers, and tells us we will do greater works, transforming us into HIS image and likeness, and GOD watches over HIS WORD to perform it! As we welcome THE RESURRECTION POWER of GOD living in us, THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE SPIRIT of LIFE, and speak out in agreement with GOD Breathed WORDS, praying prophetically, we are fighting the good fight and wage the good warfare! As The Beauty of GOD’S Holiness and HIS sweet fragrance radiates from us, in the Living Hope and of One Accord, the enemy is defeated and we walk away in VICTORY rejoicing in THE POWER of our SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH,and HIS Banner of LOVE over us!
STOP and Smell the Roses©
Slow me down to smell the roses
YOUR sweet fragrance so Divine
Liquid rain the fine anointing,
Flowing fibers trembling,
YOUR Fire falling Grace...
Sparkling golden mist around me as
YOUR Light comes to embrace
lit my face...
The waterfalls of Heaven
Bring us to the deep...
A place of heartfelt comfort
So peaceful and complete.
A dance with YOU in the Heavens
On the crystal star lit floor
A clear glass slipper feeling
Like a story once before...
YOU tug my heart with gifts and treasures
the many Living Waters
flowing with YOUR Love
a Tree of Life for me!
Drinking deeply from YOUR fine perfume
a scent of 
frankincense and myrrh,
Sad YOU see the chains of bondage
and the tree...
A robe of purple velvet
a Royal ONE indeed
Arrayed a crown of thorns,
And piercings...
As YOUR BLOOD dropped from the tree...
And then after three days, all of a sudden there YOU stood in brilliant light...
And welcomed all of us in sight...
Now in my secret place Most High
I am covered under YOUR shadow...
I hear the deep voice of YOUR waterfalls
and I am protected from all the waves and billows that have gone over me...
Broken hearts and shattered dreams...
For I am splashed with YOUR color , YOUR sweet fragrance,
YOUR garments of Love for me!
Roses are red...
Violets are blue...
Some ONE  loves you
And here is a clue...
John 3:16
><>Loving our BRIDEGROOM with you,
Each Night...©
i dance before YOU my KING of GLORY
My arms reach high
to praise YOU
My head tilts up to see
the fiery serpent set on a pole 
the CHRIST on a Tree
My arms wave with sheer flags of
My face bows at the glowing of
Brilliantly glowing in the darkness that fades...
i enter into the Holy Sanctuary
the very Throne Room of YOUR Grace
the veil is taken away in YOUR Holy Place
YOUR LOVE has prepared the way
It transcends the boundaries of this world
from which i surely am not of...
YOU rapture me in The Beauty of YOUR Holiness
and i rest in THE SPIRIT of YOUR Great Betach
YOU fill me with the Wisdom of old,
Understanding that penetrates my heart and beats to
the rhythm of YOURS,
The Knowledge of YOUR Will,
And THE POWER to carry it out...
YOUR Counsel preserves me from trouble
as YOU sing songs of deliverance in my sensitive ears to YOUR
Sweet whispering VOICE
as YOU instruct me and teach me in the way to go,
as YOU alit upon me like a DOVE.
In Peace i am guided by YOUR Eye and Serenity
fills my temple and Authority
reigns with the Rod YOU have handed me
i am forever grateful of YOUR Love
and will never let YOU go...
Though my enemies rise up against me
and men lie & cheat & steal & betray
YOUR Love is forever and washes them away...
i am YOURS! YOU are mine forever!
Hold me as my hands tremble in YOUR sight
My Language of Heaven brings me to YOUR
heart and YOUR sweet kisses touch my lips like honey...
YOU bathe me in YOUR Waters of Shiloh
and joy and gladness fill my heart!
i dance for YOU my KING of GLORY!
Naked, unashamed on the pole of YOUR Grace
that splashes me with BLOOD
i pour the Oil of Gilead on YOUR stripes
and the Rose Oil of Sharon on YOUR piercings
as i lick the BLOOD from YOUR brow
i feel the tenderness of YOUR embrace
and melt into YOUR arms
of intimacy and romance
that no man
can ever fulfill!
i am YOURS and YOU are mine
><> Loving GOD with you,
Only YOU could…©
Sweet, sweet WIND of THE SPIRIT
Thank YOU for the breeze today
Blowing over me at the bank,
Of YOUR Mighty River, as I
Rest beside still waters…
YOUR FOUNTAIN flowing ever so gently
In the tenderness of YOUR  LOVE
YOU have led me and delivered me from all evil.
YOU are with me and Promise never to leave.
How blessed am I, YOUR beloved treasure.
I sink into YOUR Arms and feel YOUR Breath
On my neck… I love YOU!
With a passion that goes beyond my flesh,
Straight to my heart where YOU reign SOVEREIGN!
Only YOU, my BRIDEGROOM were wise enough to open the seal
And purge the painful drops of myrrh…
Only YOU could mend the broken.
Only YOU could make things clear.
Only YOU could sweep the fragments.
Only YOU could bring me Peace.
I bow to YOU my KING
With hands open to catch the falling drops of BLOOD
That cleanses me and sets me apart...
For YOUR Banquet Feast on the horizon…
My lamp is full and burning bright…
As YOU rapture me I looked down and only see YOUR Footprints in the sand…
Only YOU could carry me to PARADISE...
Only YOU died for me…
Only YOU rose again…
I listened to THE WIND WORDS
With you with love...
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Between the Graveyard and The Garden
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